“Her hand was shaking as she reached back for her hairclip. She fumbled to open it with one hand while clinging to the outboard motor. The buckle had no sharp edges, but it was metal. It could scar someone better than her hands. She put it between her clacking teeth. Then she dried her tears of her cheeks, let go of the motor and slid back into the water.

Molly has no idea what awaits her when she finds a guest overdosing in the hotel she manages. Her quest to find out who he was, and how he booked a room an hour after his death leads her to a boutique hotel in Paris where Eddie shows up. He’s connected to Mr. Braggs death. But is it as a perpetrator or another victim? When Molly realises that she is – in all ways – in over her head, she’s on open sea in the Persian Gulf, and the ship she came with is just a dot on the horizon.

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